Performance : Katie Cuddon • Celia Hempton

8 Jun 2014


A short sound work by Cuddon and Hempton will start promptly on Sunday 8th June at 4pm. Working together with musician Sam Hempton, they will create abstract and undulating amplified noise, interspersed with a spoken lyrical content written by Katie Cuddon. The performance will be composed whilst in the gallery space outside of opening times, during the week preceding the event. Two chambers within the exhibition, one naturally lit the other bathed in acidic toxic tones reflect the artists’ doing and undoing, their diversions and synchroneity. Sound and spoken word will create a condensed language which will be negotiated throughout the space and will in part reflect the dynamics evident in the artists’ collaborative processes for the exhibition. The performance will last no longer than 30mins. Please arrive 10 mins beforehand.

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