Bob Parks Sunday Happening #2: 48 Years of Words

29 Oct 2017


In conjunction with his first commercial retrospective at The Gallery of Everything, artist and maker Bob Parks discusses the role of text in his historic art practice. Words drive much of Parks’ output and have always served as a bridge between his performative identity and his figurative practice. In the 1980s, Parks shifted his focus to a predominantly text-based production, from the letters to his contemporaries penned in multi-colour, to the posters which he designed to advertise durational happenings. Sunday's live performance by Parks includes extracts from his poetic word-streams and food-diaries, as well as accounts of his initiation as a voodoo priest in Benin. The performance will be followed by an open-forum conversation with poets Gregory Warren Wilson and Carole Satyamurti on the role of spoken word in artistic practice.

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