Post-Brexit Britishness

9 Oct 2017–3 Nov 2017


Artists: Charlotte Reeve, Chloe Wyatt, Daisy Saul, Emma Guareschi, Jonathan Dixon and Marguerite Carnec. Between the years of 1953 and 1982, Feliks Topolski published his ‘Chronicles of the Century’. Continuing the legacy of Topolski in the autumn of 2016, six young artists examined what ‘Britishness’ means as part of Topolski Studio’s Chronicle Residency Programme. The residents documented the shifting politics, people and landscapes of London, from Pearly Kings to Drag Queens. Three months of in-situ location drawing will be exhibited alongside the final product; a lithographic printed newspaper the ‘Chronicle’. In this new post-truth age of social media journalism and distrust of the mainstream media from both the left and right, perhaps reportage can bridge the gap between the two, bringing a human element back into social documentary. We invite you to consider the role of the artist as reporter, as well as the ever-changing concept of what being ‘British’ means today.

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