The Starry Rubric Set

5 Feb 2012–18 Mar 2012


A quote from Milton’s 17th century poem Paradise Regained, “The Starry Rubric Set” refers to the early science of Astrology and the belief systems within which it is orientated. Since ancient Babylon, classical astrology was widely accepted in political and academic contexts, but the rigorous science of the Enlightenment damaged its credibility, disregarding the field as a pseudo-science. Employing characteristics of many other studies including philosophy, theology, astronomy, alchemy and medicine it contains a holistic view of the universe, placing central importance on the individual’s integration within the cosmos. The Starry Rubric Set includes work by many of Wysing’s artists-in-residence during 2011, who were: An Endless Supply, Ruth Beale, Mark Essen, Rob Filby, Karin Kihlberg & Reuben Henry, Hilary Koob-Sassen, Kate Owens, Francesco Pedraglio & Laure Prouvost, Giles Round, Emma Smith and Cally Spooner, alongside others who will introduce some of the themes of the programme for 2012.

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