Committee presents The Last Man Chapter 1: "Improvement"

4 Dec 2013–21 Dec 2013


What would it mean to design or manufacture with no society to serve or sell to? What might happen to the pursuit of function or beauty if neither trade nor fashion existed? In an effort to imagine this scenario, Committee will conjure the story of The Last Man - the final, lone member of humanity - who gamely continues to design and build his own material world, free from societal norms or constraints of time. The project provides a speculative vantage point to consider issues relating to product design and consumerism, manifested through a series of gallery-based experiments that call on the views, tastes and skills of multiple participants to produce objects that represent the work of The Last Man. The Last Man Chapter 1: Improvement sees Committee collaborating with students, staff and others to create new objects for The Last Man that focus on progression and improvement in contemporary product design.

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