Francesco Arena : Cubic metre of seawater as a diagonal

2 Oct 2019–15 Nov 2019


The third solo show at the gallery of Italian artist Francesco Arena. “The internal dimensions of a metal tank are specifically designed to contain within it a cubic metre of sea water. Internally the tank is 13 metres and 60 centimetres long, as long as the diagonal of the gallery space. Given this length and establishing that the inner section of the tank is a square, the internal depth of the tank is 27.2 cm; in this tank the cubic metre of seawater can fill all the space without needing any other supporting element. The liquid adapts to its container and the unstable and mobile element stabilises thanks to the metal the tank is made of. The work is clearly a piece of landscape, it is a sculpture that is both full and empty, the fullness of water exists thanks to the empty space in the tank”. (Francesco Arena, 2019)

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