Daphne Ahlers

b. 1987, Germany

Born 1987 in Hamburg, Germany. Lives and works in Berlin. Daphne Ahlers practice involves sculpture and music. For her sculptures she works mainly with textiles and other soft materials like latex, foam and casting resins for their inherent quality of pliability and adaptability, which in her view can represent its own kind of resistance. These handcrafted objects are often supported by industrially manufactured structures. Ahlers uses elements of comedy and "cuteness" as strategies of self-assertion and to navigate aspects of objectification and ornamentality. Daphne Ahlers is also a member of the band “Lonely Boys” together with Rosa Rendl and collaborates with artist Lily Thiessen with whom she co-founded HULFE - an accessory line that creates objects and wearables that relate to the human body.



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