Paulo Pasta

b. 1959, Brazil

Brazilian painter, born 1959

Paulo Pasta is widely regarded as one of Brazil’s most prolific and accomplished contemporary painters. Over a nearly four-decade-long career, he has committed himself wholeheartedly to the medium of painting. Traversing landscape and abstraction, Pasta has consistently demonstrated his mastery of colour and form on the two-dimensional plane. He is spoken of in Brazil as an artist’s artist. His name will often surface in conversation when speaking to a wide range of current Brazilian painters. They will typically reference him as a mentor, a teacher, or a foundational influence on their generation. Many speak of him as the torchbearer of the country’s strong tradition of artistic pedagogy - a particularly Brazilian expectation that knowledge, technique, and thinking should be passed from one artist to another.



Paulo Pasta

Cecilia Brunson Projects
30 Jun-12 Aug 2022

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