Julia Adelgren

b. 1990, Sweden

Born in Sweden, Adelgren has lived and studied in Stockholm, Bergen and Düsseldorf and is currently living and working in Copenhagen. Highly attuned to the natural world, everyday life in these diverse cities has provided her with constant visual stimuli, especially the sweeping mountainscapes, dramatic skyscapes and earthly colour tones of Bergen’s natural scenery. Adelgren’s unique style of landscape painting engages a contemporary interest in psychological compositions, distilling personal observation, forms taken from her dreams, cinematic freeze frames and references to a range of influences. Adelgren is inspired by the work of writer Patrick Modiano; the landscape paintings of Corot; Monet; and Bruegel the elder; the tradition of Japanese woodblock prints and the films of John Cassavetes; Rainer Werner Fassbinder; and Andrei Tarkovsky to name just a few examples.

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