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Jan 25 - Mar 29, 2020
Collections Space.
Simon Martin’s work is in the permanent collections of Tate, and the Dallas Museum of Art amongst other international institutions. His works have been described by the New York Times as “masterpiece[s] of poetic discretion”. His video works are often densely crafted stories about the unexpected lives of objects. His works are united by an inquisitive and quarrelsome attitude to the material world that surrounds us. Over the last decade, Martin has been increasingly interested in the material qualities also of seemingly immaterial things – of digital video, of sound itself, and as here – an object that appears entirely virtual.

Click to enlargeCHAD MCCAIL : TOY
Feb 14 - Apr 19, 2020
The artist Chad McCail has spent three years developing a single monumental new work specifically for Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art. This exhibition presents an enormous three-dimensional cityscape that fills the entire gallery and which we enter into. Like any city, it contains all of the institutions we are familiar as part of our journey from the cradle to the grave: schools, factories, offices= and workplaces, hospitals, military sites, and beyond. The city is more like a toyscape than architectural model, being created on an alarming scale that is a little too close to our own for comfort. And in McCail’s work, everything is transfigured into a mythical space, in which life as we know it is lived out at one remove – and realistic scenarios seem closer to science-fiction than fact. Here, a war is being waged between gigantic creatures that are fighting not only for control of the resources of this city, but for its soul.
The work is full of extraordinary details which creates an intense and almost surreal experience for visitors.

April + May 2020


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