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Jan 16 - 25, 2020

May 1 - Sep 30, 2021
Showing sculptures by Helaine Blumenfeld at Canary Wharf gives an unrivalled opportunity to view them in the context of hard interior and exterior architecture as well as carefully designed outdoor spaces amongst mature trees. Her fusion of natural forms, both human and foliate, spiced with abstraction, are seen through a range of diverse works dating from 1974 to 2019.
Blumenfeld works in a range of media – marble from many locations in Europe and the Middle East, terracotta, wood and bronze, all of which she pushes to the limits of risk, teetering on the edge of impossibility, particularly in her carving. Through time, she has carved deeper into a range of fine marbles, using both material density and translucency to create lyrical and complex forms in works reflecting life, myth and our irrefutable part of the natural world. The subjective word beauty comes to mind and cannot be ignored.
Hignell Gallery in Mayfair will be holding a parallel exhibition of work by Helaine Blumenfeld and will also screen the Sky Arts documentary film on the artist working in her studios, featuring the renowned marble quarries of Pietrasanta, Italy.

Jun 21 - Aug 21, 2021
A colourful exhibition celebrating natural light across the Canary Wharf estate.
Light art has been growing in popularity, with Canary Wharf’s own Winter Light festival becoming a firm favourite in our events programme, bringing together thousands of people to enjoy light at the darkest time of year. So this summer, as many of us return to work and resume normal life again, we have created Summer Lights.
Aiming to continue to bring stunning works of art to the Canary Wharf estate, this unique light event will launch around Midsummer to celebrate light in its most natural form.


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