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Apr 11 - May 19, 2018
An international, cross-generational exhibition of women artists who have shaped and transformed the language of abstract painting.

Jun 8 - Jul 28, 2018 FINAL WEEK
An exhibition featuring two new site-specific works: Images in Debris, an installation of images, light, sound, film, and objects, that seeks to transform the visitor's perception and experience of the first-floor gallery; and Afterimage, an environment of wall-based works in the ground-floor gallery that replicates aspects of the artist’s studio and includes elements made in situ as well as images collected, gathered and discarded in the process of making the work. In both works Sze continues her decades-long exploration of the ways in which the proliferation of images – printed in magazines and newspapers, gleaned from the Web and television, intercepted from outer space, and ultimately imprinted on our conscious and unconscious selves – fundamentally changes our relationship to physical objects, memories and time.
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