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Oct 1 - Nov 11, 2018
Cwynar’s film Rose Gold (2017) focuses on Apple’s Rose Gold iPhone, tracking how the phone acts as a talisman of desire for objects, people, power, and money. Released in September 2015, the Rose Gold iPhone was already outdated during the film’s production – superseded by the perpetual release of newer and more advanced models. Thus, in 2018, the Rose Gold iPhone is already a relic, an anachronistic icon that epitomises the successes and speed of modern technology, which leaves even the most recent of inventions behind in order to keep reincarnating, updating, improving.
The film considers how individuals — the artist as one of its protagonists – negotiate complicated feelings of love and hate for commercial objects and how features, such as 3D Touch, resonate directly with the user’s emotions and imagination.
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Sep 10 - Oct 20, 2019 FINAL WEEK
The Approach is excited to present 'Living Pink', a solo exhibition of works by Maria Pinińska-Bereś (1931-1999), whose practice spanned not only sculpture and drawing, but also - and very importantly for Pinińska - performance. She confronted the existential problem of bearing the burden of the 'standard' of femininity, and dealt with major themes related to all aspects of feminised labour (reproductive, emotional, domestic) in her work. To celebrate the exhibition, and to coincide with the Frieze East End Afternoon, Pinińska's daughter, Bettina, will be re-enacting one of her incredible performances at the gallery on Sunday 29 September at 2.30pm.
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Sep 10 - Oct 20, 2019 FINAL WEEK
When we look to images of the past, there is a desire not to forget. As we move through life, people and places change or come and go, but a residue of those experiences and memories remain, shaping who we are. Painting from old photographs as his main point of reference, Mike Silva tenderly renders vignettes of old friends, past lovers, and former residences in oil paint. Silva momentarily allows the viewer an opportunity to share his memories as he tells stories through his images of familiar people and domestic interiors that were once, and perhaps still are, important to him.
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Oct 30 - Dec 8, 2019
Private view Wed Oct 30 6pm - 9pm
AFTERSHOCK will present a set of newly-conceived paintings by Peter Davies. Building upon the spirit of the collages in PREMONITION (2018), these large, abstract paintings push the expressive and gestural qualities, that are highly characteristic of the artist's work, to the limit thereby heralding a significant shift from his previous paintings.

Oct 30 - Dec 8, 2019
Private view Wed Oct 30 6pm - 9pm
‘Incompatibilities’ introduces a new body of handwoven textile works by Hana Miletić. Made with bags of discarded, incompatible yarn that the artist bought from the only still existing yarn factory in her hometown Zagreb, the works pay homage to the textile industry in Yugoslavia. Following the civil war and ethnic conflicts in the 1990s this once booming industry was dismantled and subsequently privatised. The salvaged yarns which are used in the works are remains of the rolls reserved exclusively for the export market and produced in certain colours and are only available at the local market as low quality, sample scraps or ‘incompatible colours’.


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