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Oct 1 - Nov 11, 2018
The Approach is pleased to host the debut solo exhibition in London by New York-based artist Caitlin Keogh.
In this exhibition of new works, Caitlin Keogh revisits anatomical themes, depicted in an illustrational style emphasising line and clarity. Keogh’s paintings are body-like, containing borders that permit exchange but that can also knot densely within themselves. This group of works returns to the motif of the intestine, literal and symbolic, imagining the torso’s interior as the site of painting. Metabolism and digestion play out in The Cat, showing a cat licking itself in front of the bones of a bird, and in Discipline Has Replaced Despair, with a stylised graphic indicating the passage of matter through the gut by the turning hands of a clock. But rather than considering these notions in purely visceral terms, the work refers more broadly to consuming, processing, and organising information.
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Click to enlargeSHAPESHIFTERS
Jan 12 - Feb 10, 2019
The Approach is delighted to present Shapeshifters, a group exhibition featuring work by Sascha Braunig, Sandra Mujinga, and Maria Pinińska-Bereś. The show will focus on how these artists deal with the ambiguities and slipperiness of subjectivity, identity and visibility within their painting, sculpture, video, and performance work.
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