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Nov 21, 2019 - Jan 18, 2020
A solo exhibition of new paintings by British artist Ged Quinn. This is the third show at the gallery for the Cornwall-based painter and comprises a new body of work in which Quinn creates a monodrama from the point of view of a wandering protagonist. Marking a significant development in the artist's practice, the exhibition pairs large scale romantic landscape paintings with smaller portraits and intimate pastoral scenes. Rendered in thinly applied layers of oil on linen, these wintry images evoke the feelings of the isolated wanderer.
Quinn's new paintings derive from the poetry of German lyric poet Wilhelm Muller, English Romantic poet William Wordsworth and Carl Jung's partially autobiographical book ‘Memories, Dreams, Reflections'. They also relate to a series of rare watercolours depicting landscapes by Albrecht Dürer.
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Sep 25 - Nov 7, 2020
Stephen Friedman Gallery is excited to present a special exhibition in September 2020 in celebration of its 25th anniversary.
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Click to enlargeLUIZ ZERBINI : FIRE
Nov 19, 2020 - Jan 9, 2021
Brazilian artist Luiz Zerbini presents his second exhibition at Stephen Friedman Gallery, following his acclaimed solo show at South London Gallery in 2018. Juxtaposing organic and geometric forms, Zerbini’s paintings explore the relationship between colour, light and movement. Inspired by the Amazon and Mata Atlântica rainforests, the exhibition reflects the artist’s ongoing interest in the relationship between nature and humanity in and around Rio de Janeiro.
Across his career, which spans over three decades, Zerbini has developed a complex visual vocabulary at the intersection of figuration and abstraction. He first emerged within the generational (and global) ‘return to painting’ of the 1980s, centred in Rio de Janeiro around the Parque Lage School of Visual Arts and subsequently defined by the landmark exhibition ‘Como vai você Geração 80?’ (How Are You Doing, 80s Generation?, 1984).
The exhibition at Stephen Friedman Gallery follows Zerbini's major presentation in the group show 'Trees' at Fondation Cartier pour l'artcontemporain, Paris, in 2019. There the artist transformed the main gallery into an urban jungle, combining a large-scale herbarium — complete with a living fig tree — with hyperreal paintings of the rainforest and symbols of Brazilian modernity.
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