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Jul 24 - Sep 14, 2019
Sweet Harmony is a creative reminder of a special moment in recent British history that will recapture memories from the acid house scene, reliving the transformative powers of music through the voices and the lenses of those who experienced it.
Featuring multimedia installations and artworks by some of rave movement's most prolific and authentic visual commentators, Sweet Harmony brings together contributors from past and present.
Tickets are 10, available from Eventbrite:

Jul 25 - Aug 18, 2019
Alchemy is an exhibition of new works by Broken Fingaz, Carrie Reihardt and Helen Bur.
The exhibition will be installed in the Prints & Originals Gallery at Saatchi Gallery from 25 July to 18 August 2019. Entry to the exhibition is free.
Alchemy was a branch of natural philosophy that featured in many cultures around the world. It is most closely associated with attempts to transform base metals into more valuable noble metals. Both alchemy and art are each often perceived as blends of science, magic, mythology and religion. Within this exhibition the artists utilise base materials and transform these into more valued works of art. The artists use various elements to transform abstract ideas and emotions into physical works of beauty.
18/07/19 - More works will be uploaded in coming days and details on some other works confirmed.

Aug 22, 2019 talk/event
As part of Saatchi Gallery's LATES series for Sweet Harmony : Rave | Today, visitors are invited to enjoy after-hours special access to the exhibition which includes a choice of partying in our Vinyl Record Shop and Rave Room where Love Drums DJs will be performing live DJ sets.
Ticket Can be purchased from:
For more information, please visit:

Sep 1 - 22, 2019
Mind Zero presents a new body of works by British artist Nancy Cadogan and marks her first solo exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery. Nancy's paintings reward those who look deeply and with care; they capture the joy of thoughtful observation, of delighting in the things we surround ourselves with. With this exhibition, Nancy goes beyond mere observation to reveal the inner workings of her mind through imagined compositions.

Nov 2, 2019 - May 3, 2020
'TUTANKHAMUN: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh Celebrates the Centenary of Howard Carter's Discovery;
Unprecedented Collection Coming to Saatchi Gallery in November
Commemorating the centenary of the discovery that captivated the world, the largest collection of King Tutankhamun's treasures ever to travel out of Egypt will open at the Saatchi Gallery in London for a limited run beginning Saturday 2 November 2019, and until 3 May 2020.


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