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Aug 3 - Sep 24, 2017 to 12:00am talk/event
Pump House Gallery’s InHouse Project Space presents ‘Unwanted Memory Bank’ – a new piece of work by artist Ania Bas to complement Zadie Xa’s exhibition in the gallery.
This project invites visitors to consider the value we attach to objects and memories. Inspired by objects around the Project Space, we challenge you to dig into your bag to find unwanted things from which to make a sculpture, or make drawings of things you don’t need or want anymore.
Join Ania Bas for free drop-in family workshops throughout August and September to experiment with writing, drawing and publishing. This is a fun and interactive way for families to creatively explore their unwanted belongings and memories.
Drop-in workshops for all ages. Children must be accompanied by an adult.
Upcoming family workshops:
Sundays 6 August, 20 August, 3 September, 17 September, with a final event and workshop on 24 September. 12-4pm.
Sunday 6 August 12-4pm: For our first InHouse family workshop alongside the Zadie Xa exhibition, join Ania Bas to face your fears and paint what frightens you most. Do you have a scary monster living in the basement of your house or behind the shed? You will have a chance to give it form, finally see it in daylight and conquer your fear. Who knows, you may even become friends.
Sunday 20 August 12-4pm: Ania Bas invites you to make lists of things you regret, want to forget or stop worrying about. The lists will form the inspiration for regret and forget poems that we will then write in this session. Have a go at a sonnet, a limerick, a haiku or free verse, and let go of memories you can’t stop fretting about.
Sunday 3 September 12-4pm: Do you own objects you don’t want or need? We all do. This session with Ania Bas will give you a chance to scrutinise your pockets and bags to create observational drawings of unwanted belongings. Take home a poster advertising your superfluous possessions.
Sunday 17 September 12-4pm: What are the things and situations you would rather forget? Join Ania Bas as we create lyrics to a brand new ‘Forget me now’ song. Choose your tune or compose a new one and write lyrics that help you let go. We will perform our work-in-progress in the gallery.
Sunday 24 September 12-4pm: Join Ania Bas at the project’s final event to create your own bespoke, loose-leaf publication, using copies of work generated throughout the project. Browse through all ‘regret-and-forget’ poems, ‘forget-me-now’ songs, unwanted stuff posters and scare paintings, and select what you wish to keep! Once your selection is ready you will have a chance to make your own cover and contents page and take your publication home. A copy of your cover and contents page will form part of the final display.
About the artist:
Ania Bas is an artist working across text, performance, publishing and social engagement to create situations that support dialogue and exchange, as well as explore and question existing frameworks of participation. She is interested in the ways that objects and narratives shape understanding, mythology and knowledge of places and people.
Free workshops with artist Ania Bas every other Sunday 12-4pm.


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