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Mar 10 - 18, 2018
In the coming months, Matt’s Gallery will present a rapid succession of short exhibitions and events at 92 Webster Road. The Gallery’s practice of working with artists of different generations will continue with an open ended, vibrant and responsive programme of artists presentations.
This domestic space with garden marks a shift away from the warehouse spaces Matt’s Gallery has worked in to date, while maintaining its close connection with the artists’ studio as a site of production and display. The gallery and office have been designed by Director Robin Klassnik’s son, architect Tomas Klassnik of architectural practice The Klassnik Corporation.

Mar 24 - Apr 1, 2018
Private view Fri Mar 23 6pm - 9pm
Thanks for getting in touch.
The dates are perfect.
The work is almost ready this end and I will organise the postage — it should be arriving with you early March.
You will receive two packages/boxes. One contains a sculpture which should just be unfolded in the corner and placed on the floor of the gallery.
The other contains three Korean work lights with sequencers. After unpacking the contents I think this should also remain open on the floor of the gallery.

Click to enlargeJO BRUTON: RUN
Apr 7 - 15, 2018
Private view Fri Apr 6 6pm - 9pm
Run plays on the idea of repetition or routine as well as a command for immediate action. A first outing for this new body of work, the artist has developed elements of her work into a series of tessellating motifs which form a ground for a range of actions and interventions. Rich in references, Bruton's work draws together biographical elements alongside research carried out at the V&A's Wallpaper Archive and art historical nods to the work of Georgia O'Keefe and Nancy Spero.

Apr 21 - 29, 2018
Private view Fri Apr 20 6pm - 9pm
In 2017 Turnbull travelled to Chocó, Colombia at the invitation of Más Arte Más Acción to study butterflies in the Pacific rainforest, working alongside Dr Blanca Huertas, Senior Curator in Lepidoptera at the Natural History Museum, London.
From this visit Turnbull has developed a series of observational watercolours produced from butterfly specimens gathered on her trip. The Heliconius melpomene vulcanus exhibited here exercised particular fascination and these works mark a distinctive detour or byway within the artist's practice as a painter.


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