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Mar 23 - 29, 2020
The exhibition will explore the difficulty of defining wilderness in our current world and our ways to live within it. We aim to bring an optimistic perspective on the preservation and utilisation of nature. We hope to inspire and incite positiveness although we are clearly conscious about the current situation on global warming. The exhibition will be a recognition of the crucial importance of wilderness left on earth, the power of nature on the mind, the possibilities of ethical utilisation of nature, and the positive impacts of protected areas on nature and the animal world.

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Apr 3 - 11, 2020 FINAL WEEK
‘Hant’ is the idea of the vernacular; of the objects, materials and architectural structures that furnish our lives and urban centres. It is a frequentation, or the spirit that haunts a location. It is a spot often visited; an obsession. The collective work that makes up ‘Hant’ extracts elements from their origin and relocates them in a new space, opening a discussion around our conception of site. Through the abstraction of materials, forms, sound and language, it explores the different ways that artists create reference to place.
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Apr 29 - May 3, 2020
Private view Thu Apr 30 7pm - 9pm
The emergent artists of this year’s MA Painting course at Camberwell view painting as a networked activity through which they can engage with a wide range of urgent subjects, including: the ecological catastrophe and our continued anthropocentric view of the natural world; the impact of social media in a post-truth era; the ways in which myths and religion can be used by authoritarian governments as instruments of state; the psychology of dreams; the significance of architectural heritage to our sense of collective identity.


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