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Jul 16 - 29, 2018
St. Nowhere gives us a space lost in time and purpose. It’s not important where these are located or if they are unidentified spaces. They are familiar and unfamiliar, between waking and reality. With a playful pioneering spirit, four artists - Narbi Price, Rosey Prince, Rob Reed and Gill Rocca - re-evaluate and re-purpose the quiet humdrum of suburbia with the ingenuity and playfulness of explorers. And their mission? To explore the common place, seek out the hidden havens and find a renewed meaning deep within.
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Click to enlargeDARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL
Feb 22 - Mar 2, 2019 FINAL WEEK
Featuring: Charlotte Edey, Emma Talbot and Gosia Walton curated by Martha May Ronson
A group exhibition of works by three female artists exploring themes surrounding the spiritual awakening process. The title of the exhibition Dark Night of the Soul refers to a poem written in the 16th century by mystic and poet, St John of the Cross. The poem describes the several stages one goes through during spiritual enlightenment: realisation, purgation, contemplation, ascension, and the feelings and emotions that arise along the journey.


Mar 14 - 24, 2019
Private view Thu Mar 14 6pm - 9pm
The group of seven artists and one writer showing at Lewisham Arthouse in March all make work that emerges from an engagement with the landscapes they inhabit and move through. Often this engagement begins with an unexpected encounter that demands attention. It may be the sight of a single lit window in a darkened cul de sac or a gnarled piece of wood that assumes the shape of a figure.
These incidental encounters and others like them have opened up new ways of working for the artists showing together in by the way. Through the diverse media of photography, performance, poetry, sculpture, printmaking and painting they have shaped and grown work out of these encounters.
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