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Oct 19, 2017 7:30pm - 9:00pm talk/event
Discussion panel hosted by DRIVE-THRU as part of the Disturbed, Hacked, Reassembled programme at Lewisham Arthouse, London.
Disturbed, Hacked, Reassembled explores how artists today are employing technology to stage, interrogate and celebrate the digital female body. Disturbed, hacked, and reassembled, the body is being experienced in new ways digitally and virtually.
Central to feminist critiques of sex and gender, the body is the site of visual difference and it is through the body that difference is experienced and lived. The development of technology and the inception of the Internet have opened up online spaces and virtual worlds that are inhabited by interactive avatars, orbiting 3D body parts and user generated identities.
Titled Re-wiring the Body, the discussion will explore the digital body, its substance and borders and our attitudes towards it.
Speakers will trace artistic practices and theoretical approaches that explore the cyborg, the post human body, CGI imagery and digital skin. From biotechnology to sci-fi and pornography, speakers will uncover the 'flesh' of the human body and explore how it is erased, sexualised and appropriated when fused with the digital. Future bodies and our fascination with the post human will be explored via notions of remixing, reconstructing and reassembling.
Kate O'Riordan (Professor of Digital Culture | School of Media, Film and Music, University of Sussex)
Rosanna McNamara (Programming Assistant | Cultural Programming Team | King's College London)
Rebecca Saunders (Teaching Fellow | Digital Humanities | King's College London)
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Click to enlargeGRANULAR /ɡRANJʊLə/
Jan 10 - 13, 2018
Private view Fri Jan 12 6pm - 9pm
Deborah Davies (Dd), Chris Horner, Bianca Hendicott,
Mirta Imperatori, Nerys Joseph
MA Fine Art Students at UCA Farnham.
The distinction within this group of artists is apparent. With their varying subject matter and methodologies, this show makes for an exciting exhibition, rich with ideas and concepts. The exhibition incorporates a diversity of multidisciplinary artwork. An array of mediums is combined, including photography, sculpture and installation.


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