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Oct 25 - Dec 7, 2019
Eoin Mc Hugh's third solo exhibition with Kerlin Gallery. The title of the exhibition 'Loje, jelo, laso', means red, yellow, blue in 'Toki Pona', an invented, philosophical language first published in 2001. Toki Pona attempts to communicate with the simplest means possible and contains only 125 root words and 14 phonemes. Loje, jelo, laso are the only words for colour in the language. The show is based around mixed media drawings, made with a variety of techniques, from technical and quill pens to brush-and-ink and airbrush. The exhibition is an exploration of the possibility of the creation of a new visual language.

Click to enlargeGUGGI : BROKEN
Dec 13, 2019 - Jan 17, 2020
Private view Thu Dec 12
Since the early 1990s, Guggi’s work has continued to explore the depiction of common everyday objects. With a focus on repetition and abstraction, Guggi’s signature motifs of bowls and other vessels are transformed and set free from their normal context often articulated with a deceptive simplicity that heightens their stillness and meditative presence.
In this new exhibition, Guggi continues the 'Broken' series, first exhibited at Chateau La Coste, France, in 2018 and at Yoshii Gallery, Tokyo, in 2019. Working on distressed brown paper with torn edges and surface creases he divides the picture plane into two distinct sections; solid velvety textured geometric rectangles are uxtaposed with more open and fluid spaces. The line drawings of Guggi’s signature motifs are disrupted and begin to recede into a heavily textured amorphous background. Thin washes of paint over weathered hues of colour cloak this symbolic terrain in transparent layers of time and memory.


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