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Apr 11 - Jun 16, 2019
It Bites Back features new and existing works based on a laboratory in São Paulo that breeds genetically-engineered mosquitoes. Transgenic male mosquitoes are designed to reduce the insect’s population by passing a lethal gene on to their offspring when released into the wild.
Ranging from analogue film to sound installation, digital animation and poetry, Neves Marques’ exhibition interrogates the laboratory as a place that defines the biopolitics of the 21st Century.
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May 29 - Jun 12, 2019 7:00pm - 9:00pm talk/event
Screenings on Wednesdays 29 May, 5 June, 12 June, 7pm
Militant Desire is a programme of film forums and consciousness-raising sessions around the experimental films of French gay liberation pioneer Lionel Soukaz. Rather than merely situating his early filmmaking in historical context, against the backdrop of sexual liberation movements in 1970s France, this programme aims to test their current relevance for intersectional and anti-capitalist queer debates in the present.
An early member of the Front for Homosexual Revolutionary Action (FHAR), filmmaker Lionel Soukaz worked together with writers, activists and public intellectuals including Guy Hocquenghem, Michel Foucault, Hervé Guibert and other pioneering figures in the early discourse of queer theory. His films from the 1970s and 1980s constitute a radical critique of assimilationist politics and anticipate contemporary concerns including the co-optation of queer culture; race and gay rights as a colonial project; the invisibility of working class people within the queer community; and the class and gender divide within revolutionary politics.
Militant Desire attempts to test if these films and activist strategies from our immediate past have undetonated potential in the present. To this end, the programme revives the 1970s activist model of the consciousness-raising session or film forum. Each screening will be followed by the group sharing and discussing their experience of the issues raised and how we might effect change in the present. Through these sessions, the institution learns from its audience and the form of the retrospective is rethought as future facing, dynamic and vital to grassroots politics.
This is the first retrospective of Soukaz’s work in the UK for two decades. Following three screenings at Gasworks, a programme at LUX will be the first to situate Soukaz’s output in the context of his British contemporaries. The printed guide to his work – with new and collected texts – will be the first published in the UK, and several of the films have never before been shown in this country.
Militant Desire is a programme curated by Paul Clinton. The programme is jointly presented by Gasworks and LUX thanks to the generous support of Fluxus Art Projects.
The screenings at Gasworks are free to attend with no booking required. Seats will be allocated on a first come, first served basis, so please arrive early to avoid disappointment.

Jun 8, 2019 12:00pm - 6:00pm talk/event
Open studios 12-6pm / Artist talks 4pm
Get to know our international artists in residence at this free event offering visitors a unique opportunity to see, hear about and discuss the research and work-in-progress that the artists' have been developing over the past three months.
Artists: Lorena Ancona (Mexico), Bolatito Aderemi-Ibitola (Nigeria), Lauren Gault (UK), José Rosales (Costa Rica) and Ariadna Guiteras (Spain).

Jul 4 - Sep 8, 2019
Private view Sun Jul 7 6.30pm - 8.30pm
Gasworks presents the first UK solo exhibition and a major new commission by Chilean artist Patricia Domínguez, who will transform the gallery into a ritual space bringing together her ongoing research on ethnobotany, shamanistic practices and the corporatisation of wellbeing.
Her most recent installations take the form of cybernetic fetishes, totems, masks and magical objects designed to exorcise the effects of late capitalism in the physical and social body, while playfully exploring the emancipatory potential of artistic imagination as a form of psychic guerrilla warfare. Built around a pyramid-shaped altar, the exhibition will comprise sculptures, video and a publication tracing the colonial circulations of seeds and data in a hyperconnected society.

Sep 19 - Dec 15, 2019
Private view Wed Sep 18 6.30pm - 8.30pm
Gasworks presents the first institutional solo exhibition by London-based artist Kudzanai-Violet Hwami. Her paintings are both a celebration of the black body and a critical examination of its conditions of representation, raising questions about gender, sexuality, ancestry and spirituality. Departing from her own experiences of geographical dislocation and displacement, Hwami’s intensely pigmented paintings recombine visual fragments from a myriad of sources, including images found online and haunting family photographs, so that past and present collapse into afro-futuristic visions.


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