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Jul 12 - Aug 31, 2019
The exhibition Her Ground: Women Photograph the Landscape aims to highlight the contributions made by women to contemporary photography, and address ideas of how landscape can be viewed through the female gaze.
The exhibition sets out to raise questions around how we define our landscape today:
What connections can we find between landscape and cultural or personal identity?
Who gets to control, access or define land, and what freedoms and boundaries are encountered?
It will touch on notions of visibility, ownership, identity, and social or political agency.
Her Ground will include a number of well-known international contemporary artists, incorporating a broad range of viewpoints, processes and visual strategies relating to this theme.

Sep 12 - Nov 2, 2019
In the nineteenth century, long before the current era of fake news, Emily Dickinson wrote a meditation on truth in her poem Tell all the Truth but Tell it Slant. With a title alluding to the poem, this exhibition of Julie Cockburn’s latest work similarly excavates authentic stories by circuitous means. Using a rich material language, Cockburn embarks on a visual journey to delicately reveal narrative histories and layered meanings in lost and discarded images. Cockburn partially obscures the images in a process she describes as “paradoxically unmasking” their intrinsic truths, layering and embellishing them with exquisitely hand-crafted embroidery, beading, vibrant screen printing and gestural flurries of paint.

Nov 15, 2019 - Jan 25, 2020
Private view Thu Nov 14 6pm - 8pm
Flowers Gallery presents the first major exhibition for many years to trace the complex life journey of Polish-Jewish artist Josef Herman (1911-2000), from his escape from Nazi-occupied Europe in 1940 through his time spent in Glasgow, South Wales, London and Suffolk.
Herman consistently drew his major inspiration from working communities in harmony with their surroundings, of miners, farmers and fishermen among others, and remains best known for his images of miners in the Swansea Valley. By 1990 he had been awarded an OBE and made a Royal Academician. This exhibition brings together many key works from private collections that have not been seen in public since the 1950s.
The exhibition is part of Insiders / Outsiders, the nationwide arts festival celebrating refugees from Nazi Europe and their contribution to British culture. Visit to find out more.


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