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Jan 17 - Apr 5, 2020
Vivian Suter’s (b. 1949, Buenos Aires) paintings are born from the terrain and habitat that surrounds their making. Working amid the wilderness of her lakeside studio in Guatemala, her large, unstretched canvases are hung outdoors to absorb the traces of falling leaves, rain, passing animals and mud. Presenting the finished works as an immersive cacophony—suspended, overlapping and environmental—Suter’s streaked and soaked canvases, swathed in colour, form a permeable membrane between nature and civilization.

Jan 17 - Apr 5, 2020
Athanasios Argianas’ (b. 1976, Athens) exhibition will present new film, sculpture and musical works that emerge from his interest in redundant technologies and the traces of modernism found in unthought of places. Drawing on the social and historical specificity of acoustic forms and visual aesthetics, Argianas developed several new works during his residency at Camden Arts Centre in 2018-19. These include modular ceramic sculptures that trace the nuanced shifts from the curves of art nouveau to 1930s modernism, as well as casts and replicas of acoustic technologies, including the Ondes Martenot Resonator – a prototypical instrument that tilts and bends sound, treating it as a tactile material.


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