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Jun 6 - Sep 16, 2018
For his exhibition at Camden Arts Centre, Fraser presents his most recent body of work Mathematics. Reflecting on the idea that time, space, and everything within it, can be described mathematically, Fraser brings together a series of photographs of seemingly disparate and unrelated objects and encounters – including still lives, landscapes and portraiture. Through their oblique juxtaposition and his almost analytical focus, he draws attention to the underlying patterns and forces which shape the world and our perception of it, as well as the systems of belief through which we try to understand and describe it. In this way his work might be seen to draw our attention to the spectacular and interconnected nature of everything that surrounds us, from the sublime to the mundane.
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Sep 28, 2018 - Jan 6, 2019
For this exhibition, Sillman has produced a new body of works on canvas, as well as continuing to push defiantly at the supposed limits of painting by expanding her practice into screen-printing, animation and her self-published zines. Sillman’s entire back catalogue of zines will be featured in the show, alongside a new issue created especially for Camden Arts Centre, available for visitors to take away. In a major new work commissioned for the exhibition, Sillman will create a series of large-scale, double-sided, hybrid works that combine print, drawing and painting, which are installed in direct dialogue with the architecture of the space. Working with this format for the very first time, this will be a unique opportunity for audiences to encounter an important new departure in Sillman’s work as well as experiencing the depth and scope of her exuberant practice.
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Jan 18 - Mar 31, 2019
Working at the intersection of art, feminism, expanded cinema, experimental literature and film, Crone Music explores friendship, feeling, empathy and solidarity as tools for individual and collective agency in an ever more unsettled world.
With Basma Alsharif, Adam Christiansen, CAConrad, Laurence Crane, Maria Palacios Cruz, Diocouda Diaoune, Nick Gordon, Eileen Myles, Alice Notley, Ben Rivers and Ana Vaz.
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