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Sep 26 - Nov 28, 2020
Alvaro Barrington, Lydia Blakeley, Nicholas Cheveldave, Gina Fischli, Henrik Potter, Zeinab Saleh, Sherman Mern Tat Sam, Gal Schindler, Sean Steadman, Tom Worsfold, Joseph Yaeger, Vivien Zhang
'what painting really can do is represent, even theorize, the circulation of pictures – and by ‘pictures’ I mean commoditized images as they arise in mass media of all types ranging, in our period, from television to the internet. We know that appropriation was aimed at indexing the ‘life of pictures’. But it did so in a very severe way, which in fact made the displacement from one context to another – art to advertising, for instance – clean and unambiguous. Whereas in painting, what you see from Robert Rauschenberg to the present is that commoditized images are put into circulation in time and space, and move at different rates. Many of the questions animating conceptual art with regard to changing values of visual knowledge have been explored in painting, but I don’t think this has been sufficiently recognized'
- David Joselit

Mar 8 - May 15, 2021 FINAL WEEK
"The Thing About A Name Is That It Doesn’t Refer To An Object"

Apr 24 - Jun 19, 2021
MAMOTH is proud to present The Watery Realm, the first presentation of the work of Julia Adelgren in the UK, featuring a selection of paintings produced over the course of the last four years.


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