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Click to enlargeLONDON ART FAIR [BOOTH G04]
Jan 16 - 20, 2019
Dellasposa gallery presents new paintings by Darren Coffield, 'The Feast of Pan' and ‘Blunt Adoration.’ New works of art will be unveiled by Dean + James, who have taken inspiration from Rubens The ‘Massacre of the Innocents’ have reinterpreted the theme for a modern audience. Alexander James Hamilton continues the thread with large-scale contemporary series of works exploring themes of Vanitas still-life and momento mori in art. Tahnee Lonsdale’s enigmatic paintings are a radical departure from the art of the past, juxtaposed as they are with vibrant colour-field abstraction and feminist subjects looking fervently into the future.

Jan 31 - Mar 15, 2019
Private view Thu Jan 31 6pm - 8pm
Kronos features new works by contemporary artists Sabatino Cersosimo and Rad Husak. The exhibition explores the expression of the human figure and the passing of time in painting and photography today. Sabatino Cersosimo’s art explores psychological and relational complexity, with humanity and time the principal focus of his work. Rad Husak’s artistic practice focuses on the male nude and challenges the idea of the ‘the gaze’ in contemporary art. Both artists engage with the tradition of figurative art and the passing of time imbued within the very materiality of their work in a remarkably unique and contemporary manner.


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