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Jan 12 - Mar 15, 2018
Yamamoto Keiko Rochaix is pleased to host the very first showing in the UK of works of Ryuichi Ishikawa, an emerging talent in photography. The 'Okinawa Portraits' and 'Landscape in Polyphony' series have earned him critical acclaim and lead him to be shortlisted as one of the five finalists for the Nissan Art Award 2017. Curated from these series, 'A Blessing in Disguise' is an ode to the alternative lives in Okinawa, southernmost islands of the Japanese archipelago, and his home turf. The raw and powerful images of the non-mainstream society may make him a god-son of the Japanese photography tradition immortalising underground culture tracing back to after the WWII. Yet, his underlining affection towards the subjects and indeed towards his hometown, is felt even in the darkest of the images, turning his body of work curiously fresh, with a tint of youthful optimism.
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Jun 8 - Aug 2, 2018
Yoi Kawakubo’s work is fundamentally and profoundly conceptual, and yet the poetic visual and presentation may strike at first. The oeuvre looks to be trying to grasp the unfathomable, trying to make sense of the world that does not make sense. In this light it is fitting that in the solo exhibition ‘I/body/ghost’, Kawakubo examines the non-physicality of certain phenomena and how it acts and manifests itself in various ways, quite like an organic living mechanism equipped with will.
Kawakubo’s artistic universe is complex with multiple layers of meanings. The visitor will arrive at the coherent message of the exhibition only when arriving at the final layer of these meanings. The procedure is similar to what he does with his wall drawings; strip down the layers and leave parts of each layer apparent, to arrive at the whole picture in the end.
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