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Apr 28 - Jun 8, 2017
Right Through You explores relationships in architecture, phenomenology and minimal art. Taking into consideration the gallery’s constraints and specificities, Miraj Ahmed, Nicolas K Feldmeyer, and Richard Wentworth create minimalistic site-specific installations to challenge the viewer’s experience of this gallery environment and draw attention to characteristics usually left unnoticed. The juxtaposition of horizontal and vertical planes creates negative spaces for the viewer to contemplate. These voids highlight elements that are typically hidden. The artists use everyday materials, to make ordinary spaces sublime, filling the emptiness with significance. By distorting the light and layering materials, the depth of the gallery becomes ambiguous.
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Aug 17 - Sep 16, 2017
Running from 17 August to 16 September 2017, Poetry of Place showcases artworks by Japanese and British printmakers, illustrating an intercultural dialogue inspired by the experiences of the artists travelling throughout Japan and Europe respectively.
The exhibition explores the theme of place as the site of memories and the bonding that occurs between individuals and their environments. Real or imagined, physical or symbolic, coming from the past, the present, or the terrain that lies between, places are depicted in diverse geographical and temporal locations, sharing a visual language that runs through different printmaking processes from lithography, etching, aquatint, to relief and serigraphy.
With: Margaret Ashman | Yuriko Miyoshi | Sara Beazley | Masato Nagai | Eleanor Havsteen-Franklin | Miyuki Okawa | Michael Kennedy | Yasuyoshi Tokida | Ros Morley | Yoshie Uchida | Stephen Mumberson | Kanako Watanabe | Clare O Hagan | Katsutoshi Yuasa | Denise Wyllie
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Click to enlargeTHE HIVE MIND
Sep 1 - 22, 2017
Private view Fri Sep 1 6pm - 9pm
Turning the hypothetical notion of a hive mind into a functioning organism, The Hive Mind is a performative installation exhibit in which artworks are curated as points in a nonlinear narrative scene. Staging a connectivity between its objects and environment, the exhibition presents a netherworld of dysfunctional apparatus and dodgy hybrids. The Hive Mind brings together artists whose work examines ideas of the system and network or resist any such categorisation.
The exhibition features Bora Akinciturk, Iain Ball & Valinia Svoronou, Das Balloon, Anne de Boer, Eloise Bonneviot, Nicolas Deshayes, Bryan Dooley, Frances Drayson, Ed Fornieles, Cody Ledvina, Hannah Lees, Andrew Mealor, Asli Ozdemir, Claudia Pages, Eva Papamargariti, Yuri Pattison, Alex Rathbone, Jala Wahid.
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Oct 5 - Nov 4, 2017
Private view Fri Oct 6 6pm - 8pm
The Koppel Project Hive &
The Koppel Project, 93 Baker Street, London W1U 6RL


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