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March 31 - April 9, 2017
Private view Thu Mar 30 6:30pm - 9:30pm
‘Salomania’ refers to the 20th century stereotype of the Femme Fatale embodied in the film noir classics of early cinema.
Both artists are concerned with finding visual narratives for female characters who are most usually seen as objects of pure fantasy, existing as a vessel for the viewer’s own desires and fantasies.
Yet neither artist seeks to offer verdicts or judgements, but to query the gaze, how the image is viewed, and by whom: from a stance of control and power or submission, double identification or voyeurism, prompting the question whether female representations of women as sexual collude or conform to the masculine objectification of women or exert the other as sexually free, outside essentialism or a socially fabricated gender.

Click to enlargeTHE ASYLUM : GROUP SHOW
Mar 3 - 26, 2017 FINAL WEEK
As the Director of Hundred Years Gallery, I am notorious for my lack of common sense and the use of my instinct when it comes to organise the chaotic creative trend of this run-by-artists place. And that is what has made me rescue from the gallery archive some forgotten pieces by forgetful talented artists, as if they were left behind and secured in the good hands of an asylum’s director.
The result is this glorious display of artworks by six artists whose main practice is the use of the instinct in order to reveal their visions of the truths that populate their confused and poetic minds, …on the verge of madness?…yes, probably… Welcome to The Asylum.
M. Gallego, London 2017
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