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Nov 14 - Dec 14, 2019

Click to enlargeGRETCHEN ANDREW
Feb 25 - Mar 27, 2021
Private view Thu Feb 25 6pm - 8pm
Gretchen Andrew is a self-proclaimed Internet Imperialist artist. Best known for her playful hacks on major art world institutions, Andrew’s current practice involves actively reprogramming the artificial intelligence underlying the global internet. By performatively manipulating the artificial intelligence of the tech giants’ search engine optimisation (SEO) technology, she can make her dreams come true – at least virtually. Artificial intelligence is inherently backward looking and susceptible to being reprogrammed through knowledge of the internet’s structure and Andrew exploits this, rewriting existing representations of reality by using a search engine’s own rules and limitations against itself.
Andrew calls the paintings she produces in conjunction with her hacks, ‘vision boards’ and she has been producing them in series with titles like “Cover of Artforum”, “The next American President” or “Best MFA” since 2019. They begin as charcoal on canvas and grow to include traditionally feminine imagery such as flowers and butterflies with collage elements that add a level of kitsch which contrasts with the tech-tools, AI manipulation and SEO the artist uses to create her hacks.


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