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Oct 2 - Nov 9, 2018
Adam Pendleton's work centers on an engagement with language, in both the figurative and literal senses, and the re-contextualization of history through appropriated imagery to establish alternative interpretations of the present and, as the artist has explained, “a future dynamic where new historical narratives and meanings can exist.”

Nov 22, 2018 - Jan 11, 2019
Private view Wed Nov 21 6pm - 8pm
Working on backstrap and floor looms, Wadden creates his paintings by weaving geometric forms that he then stretches over raw canvas, accumulating individual fragments into complete works that balance positive and negative space, textures and the materiality of the canvas with the artist’s woven forms. Influenced by folk and Bauhaus textiles, the language and techniques of traditional North American tapestry weaving, as well as painting movements such as Abstract Expressionism, Wadden complicates hierarchies of media and disciplines with his work, throwing the distinction between high and low into flux.


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