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May 8, 2017 7:00pm - 8:30pm talk/event
A screening of The Host by Miranda Pennell, introduced by Soheila Sokhanvari.
In this film, Pennell turns from filmmaker to forensic detective as she pieces together hundreds of photographs in search of what she believes to be a buried history, only to find herself inside the story she is researching. The Host investigates the activities of British Petroleum (BP) in Iran; a tale of power, imperial hubris and catastrophe. While the tectonic plates of geopolitical conspiracy shift in the background, the film asks us to look, and look again, at images produced by the oil company, together with personal photos taken by its British staff in Iran– including the filmmaker’s parents– not for what they show, but for what they betray. The Host is about the stories we tell about ourselves and others, the facts and fictions we live by – and their consequences.
This event has been programmed to coincide with Soheila Sokhanvari’s commission, Paradise Lost, which is installed in the Project Space until 13 May.
It is free to attend. Booking required via Eventbrite:

May 22 - Aug 26, 2017 FINAL WEEK
Vessels and Vestiges is an exhibition of chemically unfixed photographic prints by Swansea-based artist, Ryan L. Moule.
Through the presentation of photographs in their unfixed state, Moule repositions the image away from its assumed signifier of certainty to one of uncertainty and fragility. Exposure of the light-sensitive paper is slowed down by their presentation under UV filtered box frames, which mimic the red-light environment of the photographic darkroom. This leaves them in a process of becoming, as the images continue to subtly transform over a prolonged period of time. Through the decision to not complete the traditional printing process, Moule aims to re-orientate focus away from the image as a form of representation, and onto its materiality.

Jun 28 - Aug 27, 2017
Five new commissions by early-career applied artists Sam Bakewell, Marcin Rusak, Laura Youngson Coll, Juli Bolaños-Durman and Jessica Harrison brought about through the biennial Jerwood Makers Open. Each combines a high level of technical skill with imagination and intellectual adventure, constituting a fresh and exciting direction of each artist’s work.
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Click to enlargeJERWOOD DRAWING PRIZE 2017
Sep 13 - Oct 22, 2017
The largest and longest-running annual open exhibition for drawing in the UK, presented in collaboration with Bath Spa University.
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Sep 30, 2017 5:30pm - 8:00pm talk/event
Off-Site Location: Tackeroo Site, Cannock Chase Forest.
At dusk, Keith Harrison will release a full size clay replica of the final Rover 75 to leave the Longbridge carplant production line, down a temporary 10-metre high ramp: ‘At this point, I want to use this energy, this velocity to re-launch the vehicle; it is a release in the forest in all senses, at the edge of night and into unknown territory’ Joyride will be accompanied by a specially commissioned soundtrack and radio transmission that the audience will be able to tune into. Visitors are invited to watch this spectacular event from viewing the craftsmanship of the model up close through to witnessing its ceremonial release.
Admission free for pedestrians; £5 per car.


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